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Ain Vares

Kuressaare, Estonia
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Hello, I'm a fine artist. I work primarily in oils and acrylics, with 37 years of experience. My heart desires to hear from Heaven, receive messages from the Father's heart, and pour them on the canvas. People have told me how much the paintings have strengthened their faith and encouraged them, stirring their souls to seek deeper secrets of the Kingdom. This is the reason I paint. My paintings touch the viewer's heart and inspire them to seek the amazing things the Lord has ready for them. God has created us in his image, and I want to convey that divine spark that is eternal in each of my paintings. You look for that unique piece of art that would minister to your heart and inspire others who see it. You have come to the right place! I am happy to contribute to your specific requirements on the condition that I am given enough artistic freedom to add my vision to the topic. It is essential for me to listen to my heart while I create; this makes work enjoyable, which in turn means the result will be more gratifying to you.
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Physical & Digital Artwork
Figurative, conceptual portraits, prophetic art, landscape, abstract
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Education / Training
Bachelor of Fine Art
Favorite Art Style
Figurative, Realism, Impresionism, Abstract
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Art theology, Photography, Interior design
Years of Experience
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