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Alice Lipping

New York, New York USA
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Alice Lipping is an experienced artist based in the United States whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as virtually in the United Kingdom. Having always been drawn to and inspired by decaying, worn-out spaces, and surfaces, she also cites the urban environment of New York City as inspiring her distinctive compositions. Lipping primarily creates with oils and acrylics on canvas. She has worked on several commissions for private clients and for public spaces with Architects and Interior Designers. Recently she has done a commission of two paintings for The Skyline Tower lobby in LIC, NY and Seven Paintings for the NYC office space at Ashcroft Capital. In addition to painting Alice also works as a curator in organizing exhibitions locally and helping promote the work of local artists.
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Physical Artwork
Abstract, Textural, Minimalist, Expressionist
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
BFA Painting Hunter College, NY, NY. USA
Favorite Art Style
Abstract Expressionist, Minimalism
Interests / Fun Facts
In addition to Painting Alice is also interested in Photography, Curation and makes Wearable Art Jewelry, Hair Accessories and hand paints Holiday Ornaments
Years of Experience
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