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Cynthia Ligeros

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“For me, abstract art can have a powerful organic and spiritual presence.” Cynthia Ligeros is inspired by the vibrant, ever-changing urban landscapes surrounding us, contrasted against the unique and pristine beauty of the natural world. She approaches each painting with a single driving emotion. In the beginning, she creates an under-painting that allows the discovery of naturally organic forms on the canvas. Through an artistic dialogue with the painting, she composes and unifies the organic forms, until a completed abstract painting develops, inspired by the cycles, emotions, and equilibrium of our ever-changing environment. This layering technique mirrors the larger theme of her work: the hard edges of our structured world contrasted against the organic contours of the natural world. On a metaphorical level, the art of Cynthia Ligeros explores the idea of the deeper subconscious self unifying with the higher self, to make us whole.
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Physical Artwork
Abstracts in Oil And Acrylic
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Rocky Mountain College of Art
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I also paint tile murals for kitchens and bathrooms
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