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Natasha Diodata

Denver, Colorado USA
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100% Vegan Soy Candles | Unique Premium Fragrance | Up to 70+ Hours of Burn Time Hi! I am Natasha. In 2016 I was gifted a handmade candle from a friend, and quickly became obsessed with making my own. I started out small, with just a little Etsy shop before opening my own website. The demand for my candles grew, as well as my collection of scent options. After 6 years in business we have sold nearly 100,000 candles, with over 350 different unique scents and still growing. Some would say I have an addiction, making new candles all the time, but it's a passion that I am happy to be obsessed. Luckily I married a guy who loves to work all day and night like myself. So while I am crafting that perfect scent, he's doing all the labor intensive work so I can focus on the fun stuff. Teamwork makes the dream work, people. Since my passion is to make new scents, naturally I love to help people create their scented vision. Nothing unlocks memories faster than sense of smell, so consider us your key to the past. We hope you love any candle you get from us, and I am excited to make your custom creation! Orders are made within 48 hours of purchase and are shipped priority USPS. Please allow candles 10 days to cure from the date they are poured - a date sticker will be included with your purchase.
Obsessed with Fragrance! Creating Unique, true-to-life replicas of your favorite scents and memories
Education / Training
Beauty School Dropout. 6 Years a Chandler, featured by AAA Travel Magazine and Buzzfeed
Interests / Fun Facts
Book Nerd. Movie Buff. Mystery Lover. Astronomer. Doodle Mama.
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