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Cindy Coleman

Durango, Colorado USA
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Artist Cindy Coleman has lived in Durango since 2006. An illustration graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design, Cindy has worked in various media, including acrylics, oils, colored pencils, watercolors, and now – soft pastels. She took an art hiatus after a bout with lyme disease in 2016, and after a few years (and a return of energy) she decided to play around in pastels. Cindy won a scholarship in the fall of 2020 for an artist residency at Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve & Education Center, where she painted 20 paintings in one week – the most paintings that she’d done in years. Her residency sparked a flurry of creativity and she hasn’t stopped painting since. Cindy’s landscapes are of places she’s been in the Four Corners region, camping, hiking, and even photographs she’s taken out of the car window. She’s infatuated with clouds (in case you hadn’t guessed!) She's recently started painting the National Parks that she's visited.
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Physical Artwork
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
BFA Ringling College of Art & Design
Favorite Art Style
Interests / Fun Facts
love hiking, camping, and adventuring in the outdoors
Years of Experience
  • Stillness at Spud Lake
  • Twisted Juniper
  • The Line Where the Sky Meets the Sea
  • Impressionist Movement
  • Irises
  • Turbulence
  • Capitol Reef Overlook
  • Magnificent Grace
  • Winter on the Animas
  • Sing a New Song
  • San Juan Mountains Scenery
  • Red Mountain Views
  • Serenity
  • Out My Window
  • Mukuntuweap
  • Magical Woodland
  • Last Kiss/Stand By Me
  • Jana's Happy Place
  • Heaven's Rays
  • Ice Lakes
  • Hermosa Cliffs
  • Harmonius
  • First Blush
  • Feel the Rush of the Ocean
  • Dallas Divide
  • Daisy Pond
  • Climbing High
  • Bryce Amphitheater
  • Brazos Creek
  • Back Home Again
  • Aspen Glow
  • A Walk in the Clouds
  • A Foggy Embrace