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Grace Han

Sydney, Australia
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Hello! I am an independent artist currently studying in New York. Painting is something which gives me so much joy and meaning in life. I try to paint as sincerely as I can with vitality and color. My natural color palettes are soft, sometimes muted and colorful pastels, but I can work with any kind of hue in the color scheme. I find pastels to be the most serene and comforting color so I love incorporating this to backgrounds and expressive portraits. My favorite statement about fine art is that the act of creating is like a thank you letter to the world. Please feel free to commission me anything meaningful and I will make the best of it!
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Physical Artwork
Realism, Abstract
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
Parsons school of Design
Favorite Art Style
Realism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism
Interests / Fun Facts
I'm inspired by abstract expressionism and surrealist artists such as Francis Bacon or Claude Monet :).
Years of Experience
  • ephemera
  • Portrait study
  • sublime
  • water color bird study
  • sublime painting details
  • watercolor study