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Jamie Windell

North Vancouver, Canada
$1800 - $3000
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Hi, I'm Jamie Windell, Founder, Brand Strategist, and Mentor at Khula. Khula Design Studio is an award-winning, global strategic design studio dedicated to helping businesses transform and thrive. Bridging the gap between the latest technology and a global network of talented creatives, we design brand identities with impact and powerful websites that resonate with your audience that enables your business to grow. ‍ We do this by focussing on these core services: brand strategy, brand identity design, copywriting, web design, Webflow development, and SEO. Our expertise lies in creating a complete digital experience, covering every touch-point in your customers’ journey, so that your business can thrive. ‍ Whether building a brand from the ground up, or remodeling an existing one from the top down, our transparent and integrated workflow is finely tuned and designed to deliver, so that your market visibility can increase. ‍ Visit{ContactHidden} for more case studies and details.
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Unique, clean, modern, premium and bold brand identities that scale.
Education / Training
IDEO Design Thinking, Design Mentor @ ADPList
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Started 10 plus businesses by age 30, some succeeded, a lot failed. Love music, fitness and spending time outdoors. My favourite books are The Compound Effect, Atomic Habits & Business Made Simple.
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