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Jessica Peoples

Nashville, Tennessee USA
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A practicing painter for over 30 years, I enjoy contemporary impressionistic approaches to local landscapes, wildlife and portraits. Developed through a process of layering emotive brushwork and intentional strokes, my recent paintings transform nature observation into playful aesthetic experiences. Each layer plays a role in showcasing a rhythm of life and also pushes exploration into the connections between nature and humanity. I am inspired by the astonishing beauty and perpetual tenacity of nature to thrive through different seasons. My art suggests us to take a walk in the woods, reflect on our truest selves and celebrate the moments that spark a fire within us. I am currently a local Nashvillian, but am originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and received a BFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I am a proud momma to two awesome kids and wife to another inventive soul of a different kind. We have a spotted coonhound named Moseby.
Creator Of
Physical Artwork
Contemporary Portraits and Landscapes
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Education / Training
BFA at Miami University
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Interests / Fun Facts
Love hiking, biking, and being outdoors. Obsessed with Radnor Lake and Owls.
Years of Experience
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