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Kelli Kamph

Granbury, Texas USA
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Originally an Actor, Singer and Director, Kelli has moved on to expressing her creativeness through her paint brush. She loves a creative challenge and specializes in working with people to create something unique, personalized and interesting to the viewer. (Like the wine bottle label where she came up with the idea to make the wine producer into a plum because the wine is called Plum Crazy!) She strives to capture the beauty and a uniqueness in everything she paints whether it’s portraits, landscapes, sculls or animals. Her view is that there is beauty and individuality in everything. You just have to discover it! She is currently living in France while working on illustrating a book of poetry.
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Realism, Impressionism, surrealism
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I love all art forms! I do interior design. Art projects with my kids when they were young became such fun to see how far and how professional we could push them, to the delight of their teachers!
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