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Lucie Mizutani

Elizaville, New York USA
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Originally from Quebec City, Canada, I live now in Upstate NY, USA. Watercolor has been my medium for the last several years. I have been focusing my skills on landscapes and portraits. Doing custom paintings gives me the great satisfaction of creating something unique, meaningful for someone. I studied fine art in Quebec and computer graphic & design in NY State. For ten years, as a freelance artist, I created illustrations for the front covers of a monthly Japanese magazine using the digital medium. After taking online classes for children's book illustration, I have also self-published and illustrated two children's books. My home is in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York with my husband as all my three accomplished children have moved out of the nest. I participate every year at the Skywalk Art Festival of New York State with several other local artists, as I am always looking for more opportunities to elevate my art and share it with the world.
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fine art college, graphic & design, freelance illustrator for magazine
Favorite Art Style
realist and impressionist
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gardening, hiking, cooking, movies
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  • After the hunting
  • Alaskan Malamute dog
  • Black Labrador dog
  • Pug dog in the grass
  • Calico cat
  • A walk in the garden
  • The Cottage
  • Bob and his dog
  • Relaxing in the yard
  • Red horse
  • Donkey
  • Gray and white cat sleeping
  • Pixie cat posing
  • Welsh Corgi puppy
  • Bernese dog portrait
  • Daydream at school
  • Grandma and Grandpa in younger age
  • Rancher on his horse
  • Old friends talking politic
  • Child and mother portrait
  • Soldier and kids in Afghanistan
  • Vendor in the street of Moroco
  • Bob and his dog
  • The guitarist
  • The street musician in winter
  • Relaxing in the yard
  • Happy to go to school
  • The young gardener
  • Best Friends
  • Wedding Father and daughter special moment
  • Vacation in the West Coast, CA
  • Near Lake George, Upstate NY
  • After the hunting
  • Bridge over water
  • Bridge over water
  • A Greek Island
  • Canoe in the marsland
  • A walk in the garden
  • Adirondack National Park, NY
  • View from the porch
  • The Cottage
  • My favorite spot to meditate
  • Father and son fishing in the West
  • The perfect engagement spot.jpg
  • Mount Fugi.jpg
  • Grand hotel in the West Coast
  • Beach Still life
  • Vacation in the West Coast, CA
  • Mid-Hudson Valley bridge
  • Wood bridge on the trail
  • Home sweet Home
  • Church in Texas
  • Redhook Village Townhall
  • Geneseo SUNY College
  • Real Estate in Tacoma, WA
  •  General Store and cover bridge
  • View from the porch