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Luke Baker

American Fork, Utah USA
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Since 2005 Luke Baker has designed logos for hundreds of businesses around the world. While working for HP, Luke was the Director of Design for a worldwide team of 200+ freelance logo designers. He would critique their work and help them improve, as well as was in charge of all the portfolio review and hiring and firing for this community of designers. Luke now owns a small design studio in Utah called Lucas Marc Design where he continues to design logos and other graphic design projects for his clients. His logo design work, along with that of designers that work for him, has been featured in Logo Lounge, a prestigious publication that highlights the best logo designs submitted from designers all around the world. Luke's detail-oriented approach and clean, professional design style make his logo designs successful, and his clients happy. All these years of experience designing and critiquing design has helped Luke become an authority on logo design.
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Logo design of all styles
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Bachelor's Degree
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Father of three, enjoys spending time with family in the outdoors, four-wheeling, fishing, traveling, reading, and watching movies.
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