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Messiah Brown

Brooklyn, New York USA
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Hello I am a artist from Brooklyn, NY. I usually make surrealistic style portraits that are uncanny. I’m also good with abstract color theory art. My art has been mentioned in a few fine arts blog and magazines. Aside from being a visual artist, I’m also a writer and enjoy writing poetry sometimes I like to write poems for certain art pieces. I also enjoy theatre it’s where I found my voice. I’m pretty simple outside my art life and enjoy nature and discovering new found consciousness. Anything you need to know about my work you can reach out to me. I’m a open minded individual.
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Physical Artwork
Surrealism, color theory, abstract, portrait illustration, oil painting
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
SVA - Illustration LAGCC - Science & Design
Favorite Art Style
Surrealism, Baroque,
Years of Experience
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