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Nancy Stainton

Monterey, California USA
$100 - $500
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Nancy was born in Covina, California. She has been creating works of art since she was 8. She started drawing portraits at that age with pencil and charcoal. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In the late 1970’s she began experimenting with pastels. She found pastel portraits of people and animals to be her favorite thing! She has taken many workshops over the years from notable artists. She is a member of many pastel and portrait societies. She loves to bring out the spirit and personality of her subjects. She loves to work with clients to find the right colors and background settings to enhance the subjects. She can work from one or more photos taking partial or full images from each, combining in one painting. She can provide natural or fantasy backgrounds, attire and settings - anything the client desires. She loves making her clients happy! The estimated time to complete a painting does not include shipping. MadeMay prices are for painting only. Please add 5-7 days for shipping. Framing may take up to 2 weeks.
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Various workshops
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Art, Music, Dance, Indigenous cultures
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