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Qi Debrah

New York, New York USA
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My name is Qi Debrah, I am a Portrait Artist, Fine Artist, and Children's Book Illustrator. I have been doing art for over the past 30 years. I grew up in an artistic family and learned art since I was 7. I went to professional art schools in my youth. Now, I have been living in the U.S for 25 years. I had studied Illustration major in New York. I am also teaching Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology which I was graduated from. Now, my main focus is Portrait painting on people and pets. Andrew Wyeth and JW Waterhouse are the two influencers of my personal style. I am trying to communicate with my viewers through poetic and emotional messages from each of my paintings and capture the souls in emotion. I often use wood panels or canvas for my oil paintings. I also do watercolor on paper as well. I love to create art, it is so natural to me as breathing air, without it, I will be meaningless and suffocate, especially empty inside.
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Physical Artwork
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Education / Training
BFA degree in Illustration, AAS degree in Fine Art, Now, teaching Illustration in College.
Favorite Art Style
Realism, Impressionism, Art Deco
Interests / Fun Facts
Watching movie, Reading, Gardening,Singing
Years of Experience
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