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I am an international artist whose work is inspired by the desire to communicate calm and spiritual peace. Having lived in Asia for several years, I am inspired by Asian styles and philosophies; while the intent of my work draws from a previous career in healthcare. I have witnessed strong connections between emotional and physical well-being; and I believe in the importance of sharing positive energy.. The Japanese Art of Kintsugi inspires the translation of my artwork to address aspects of the human condition and its ability to recover from illness, injury and/or trauma; including the impact of humans on the environment. What needs repair does not need to define us. We can heal, regenerate and evolve into improved versions of ourselves, with renewed strength and purpose. An illness or injury does not make us “ugly” or “weak”.The result of regeneration lends greater beauty to that which is healed. Kintsugi is a physical manifestation of resilience. Its purpose is to “repair”.The practice emphasizes the beauty and utility of breaks and imperfections. A vessel is repaired using tree sap and gold splicing. Traditionally applied to pottery in Japan, my artworks are 2D representations of this concept. My creations use a variety of media and materials, such as oil, nihonga, acrylic, gold/silver leaf, paper and other textural compounds. Utilization of Space is defined with color, texture, and/or a combination of materials. BIO I moved to Japan in 2012 after retiring from my first career in healthcare. I trained extensively across Oil, Sumi-E/Nihonga, and Acrylic for 7 years between the Tokyo Campus of Temple’s Tyler School of Art and Professional/Studio workshops. I moved to Singapore in 2019 and continue my professional development whenever possible. My works have been shown in national and international juried shows, including XIII Florence Biennale, the ION Orchard Gallery in Singapore, the Ueno No Mori Art Museum (Royal Art Museum) in Japan, the National Art Gallery in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno, the Intercontinental Hotel In Osaka and the ANA Crowne Plaza hotel in Kobe. I have received artistic excellence awards by the Circle Foundation of the Arts in 2020 and 2021, respectively. “Kintsugi Earth II” was selected as part of the 29th Annual International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) Exhibition and won 5th place in Abstract Expressionism with the American Art Awards in Fall 2020. I also received an honorable mention in the 49th Annual Genyouten Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ueno. For more information, please visit my website at{ContactHidden}
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Physical Artwork
Abstract figurative and landscape
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Self taught w/ professional classes and workshops
Favorite Art Style
Abstract Figurative and landscape
Interests / Fun Facts
Prior 20 year career in healthcare influences my art to be healing and soothing
Years of Experience
  • Lotus Pond II
  • Earth and Sky IV
  • The Golden Temple - kyoto
  • Dreaming of Mt Fuji
  • Kintsugi Pond III
  • Kintsugi Pond II
  • A Healer's Renewal
  • Anahata III  voice of my Heart
  • Kintsugi-Ed Heart
  • Anahata I
  • Kintsugi Pond III
  • Kintsugi Pond II
  • Healing Anahata- the Kintsugi Body.jpg