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Ritina Ansurkar

Johnson City, Tennessee USA
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I am a visual artist who specializes in landscapes. I basically use acrylics, but to get certain effects I may add oils to the artwork too. My artwork is usually vibrant and eye catching as I like creating sharp photorealistic images. I am versatile too, as I like creating artwork of diverse subject matters too (Like figurative art, portraits, pet portraits, home portraits, cityscapes and seascapes) apart from landscapes. I also paint Profile photographs from Face book Instagram and other social media platforms. Since I am a self-taught artist, I enjoy taking up challenging subjects that push me to accomplish a level of perfection, that reaches a new height every single time I put brush to canvas. For me, the inclination towards painting and art has been a natural transition. Being the daughter of an Architect, who was an extraordinary artist himself, means that I was exposed to, structure and expression of art from a very young age. Painting has been with me always in some form or the other, from hobby and passion to business. Basically, I grew up in India, but since January of 2018, me and my husband relocated to the US. We are currently staying in Johnson City Tennessee. I have been creating artwork for the past four years. I was recently awarded the Finalist Award for the Artvita Art Contest. I love painting landscapes because after relocating to the US I found so many beautiful places on our various hikes to photograph and paint. The artwork I create is mostly from the photographs that me and my husband take on our hikes and vacations to different places all over the world. My chief objective in creating these artworks, is to draw my audience into wanting to visit the places that I paint. I have this very strong belief, that, if God has taken so much efforts to create this beautiful world, it is our duty as people of this planet Earth, to at least go see, appreciate, admire and acknowledge his creation. I basically work in acrylics, as the drying time is faster, but if the need be (for getting a certain effect) I use oils. In that case I block in the colors with acrylics and complete the artwork with oils. All my artworks have the finest of details in them, as this is what I enjoy doing the most. Putting in the finer details give me a feeling of satisfaction and makes the artwork look complete. I am in the habit of keeping my final 2 days of creating an artwork, just for checking that I have created all the required and relevant details correctly. In short, I proofread my artwork, before putting on a double layer of gloss varnish to complete the process.
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Physical Artwork
Vibrant, bold and bright colors, with a realistic look. Sharp images with attention to details.
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Self Taught
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Attention to the smallest detail, giving the image a sharp and photorealistic look.. Love to try out different subject matters too
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