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Rachael Reneau

Grafton, West Virginia USA
$30 - $500
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Grabbing every little detail of the photo while using radiant colors to make you smile is the artistic style of Rachael Reneau. Being surrounded by color has inspired her to integrate it into her landscape, florals, jewelry artwork, still life, and people. However, Rachael's eye for detail makes her subjects fly off the canvas whether she is using oils, acrylic, watercolor, or color pencils. Her main goal in life is to just make people happy through her artwork and she is willing to give her full attention to any subject. If you're looking for an artist who incorporates bold expression of colors, evokes nostalgic objects/place, and gives the upmost care and attention to detail, then Rachael Reneau is the artist for you.
Creator Of
Physical Artwork
Realism in Oils depicting Nature Scenes.
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
Major in Fine Arts at Marshall University. Received a minor in Marketing and CAD Certificate.
Favorite Art Style
Realism, Surrealism, Floral Still Life, Animals, Jewelry, and Landscape.
Years of Experience
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