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Emily Tjomsland

Windsor, Missouri USA
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Hi there friends, I’m a classically trained artist that incorporates digital mediums into my art. I have a BFA degree from the University of Utah, but most of my education comes from my enjoyment of analysis. I love analyzing the faces and materials in my environment. I enjoy employing and have practice with many mediums and forms of art, but my greatest art passion lies with my drawing. This is why I love using a stylus, it allows me to “draw with paint.” I use a Wacom tablet and stylus and my art program of choice is Corel Painter. I believe that I can give you a 100% guarantee that you will love what I can do for you. My goal is forever and always to tell a story by bringing out the beauty and light I perceive within the people I draw and paint. I’m always humbled and honored to be a part of someone’s journey. I’d love to be a part of yours. ❤️
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Physical Artwork
Portraiture, light, beauty
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
Bachelors of Fine Art at the University of Utah
Favorite Art Style
Classical and modern
Interests / Fun Facts
I love all the arts. I believe so much human passion comes through through Art. I love philosophy, religion, and all things spiritual
Years of Experience
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