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Lynne Kunert

Chicago, Illinois USA
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Hi my name is Lynne! I have been an artist/illustrator for most all of my life. When I was growing up drawing pictures was always an easier form of expression for me rather than talking. I loved drawing pictures of people either from observation or imagination. Currently, I enjoy creating portraits of friends and family in order. I find that people enjoy having a handmaid oil painting of a treasured family photograph. I try to stay true to the original image and take my time to pay careful attention to detail and color. My personal taste is toward Pop Art and Impressionist color schemes.
Creator Of
Physical Artwork
Preferred Medium
Acrylic and oil paint
Education / Training
Bachelor of Fine Arts California State University
Favorite Art Style
Pop Art Portrait, Fauvism and Photo Realism
Interests / Fun Facts
I am a retired high school art teacher. My favorite vacation city is London, England. I paint in my in home studio in Chicago, Illinois.
Years of Experience
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