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Rachelle Garneau

Clifton Park, New York USA
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I have studied art in undergrad, and I obtained an MA in art education from NYU, and I am a certified art teacher! I love to capture memories that will stay encapsulated on a canvas forever. I have a few mediums to chose a commission from: Acrylic or oil paint on canvas, watercolor on paper, or digital paintings. My acrylic/ oil paintings are all painted on finished canvases. My watercolor paintings will be on nice quality watercolor paper, and my digital paintings will be printed and mailed. I would love to work with you to create a painting you or a loved one will cherish for a long time! <3
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Physical & Digital Artwork
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Bachelor of Art from Florida State Universiy, and Masters in Art education from New York University
Interests / Fun Facts
I foster kitties and help them trust humans again so they can find a forever home.
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