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[Me]: Heylo, my name is Maika and I am a Freelance Artist that has grown especially fond of making portraits specifically. Over the years, while working in the art field, I slowly focused on improving my skills in drawing and painting because it was something I enjoyed when I was little before entering the adult world of art and all the different challenges it entailed. So now that I have improved, I'm hoping I can make personal art for others! Something that will be unique, personal and hopefully make you smile. My personal art style encompasses a few things I appreciate: people, anime and light. Making portraits is always about capturing the person, but from an artist it's also about adding in what they see in the portrait. So I like to add in just a little of what the person might look like with slightly anime-ish eyes (because the eyes are always what we're naturally drawn to), and then adding in extra sparkling light or more dynamic lighting, to give the painting a more fantasy-like feel....... [Shop]: On this shop, I offer to do a portrait of you, you and your loved ones, or a portrait of your favorite character, like Fan Art, in my personal art style! I can even add one person from a different photo that can make this portrait a really special gift. Just make sure the photo you provide me is not so overly blurry that you can't make out the person, otherwise we run the risk of me painting someone you don't recognize! NOTE: I do NOT leave large watermarks on finished art pieces. Just my tiny little signature. Feel free to check out more of my art and about what all I can do on Instagram @maikacoffeeart. You can even see some of my painting process on YouTube under Maika Coffee............. Another NOTE: If ordering a Digital Portrait from me, it will be sent to you via email and then you can print it on any canvas or paper of your choice at your local print shop or from home. Some local print shops like FedEx Kinkos (if this is applicable to you, it's just to give you an idea), has some decent reasonable prices for canvas, so it can be a pretty good deal!............ [Process]: 1.) Sktech: Once you place your order and I have a decent photo to work with, I will start out with a sketch phase that will be my map moving forward. 2.) Flat Colors: Then I will paint in the flat colors, this does not determine how the colors will look at the end! The colors will be more vibrant and dynamic during the next phase. 3.) Next I focus on the lighting and shadow, and making the painting really come to life! 4.) A few added details, like depth and dust, and the painting will be complete! ............Always feel free to ask me any questions! Thank you for stopping by, and let's both enjoy our favorite beverage today!
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Contemporary art...and so much more really
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When not wanting coffee, I want a pet panda or some chocolate...both are equally in high demand..
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