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Neelima Dunku Sukumar

Winnipeg, Canada
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I am a portrait artist, specialized in oils. I thoroughly enjoy making portraits of people, capturing the likeness and bringing each personality to 'life'. I am a perfectionist who gives a lot of attention to details and strive hard to learn and do better each time, so much that I almost find it tough to call a painting 'complete'. My formal education was not in fine arts. However, I am grateful to have had wonderful art tutors in my childhood who gave me a good base. I am also grateful to have been part of an online course from Old Masters Academy by Natalie Richie and online oil painting lessons by Andrew Tischler. I start off with an underpainting where the overall structure and layout is laid down in a shade of burnt umber. This is followed by a grisaille/dead layer and then finished off with glazing. These techniques that were used by the old masters, add depth to the portrait. I paint commissioned portraits, usually from photographs since that is what clients usually prefer. I also strive to avoid using art materials/brushes derived from animal products.
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Realism, Figurative, Traditional
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Realism, Figurative
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Interior design, Artwork with dried flowers and preserved moss
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