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Zachary Bowman

Salt Lake City, Utah USA
$500 - $6000
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Zach Bowman is a Utah artist raised in a family of Artists. His work focuses mainly on people and capturing their essence with technical accuracy. He has worked with clients all over the united states and three countries outside of it. If you are looking for versatility, quick responses and someone who is fully confident in the work, Zach is definitely one to hire. Clients have often praised him for making efforts to produce quality work in a narrow time frame, as well as regularly checking in during the process to ensure overall satisfaction.
Creator Of
Physical Artwork
semi-painterly Realism.
Preferred Medium
Education / Training
15 years of training from a BYU art Professor, BFA at UVU, 10 years of teaching.
Favorite Art Style
Painterly Realism. ( John Singer Sargent and Caravaggio.)
Interests / Fun Facts
Went on a study abroad to Italy for a month. Spent two years living in Korea for religious service, and is married to a brilliant scientist and currently has a little girl.
Years of Experience
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